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NuGrid­‐JINA‐TRIUMF nova ppn

Tutorials/downloads for running NuGrid Ubuntu ppn-nova virtual machine.


Welcome to the NuGrid-JINA-TRIUMF ppn-nova Nubuntu virtual machine!

This downloadable virtual machine contains all the software you need to run a one-zone network for nova conditions and explore, for example, the impact of nuclear reaction rate uncerainties. In particular, you will be able to follow a tutorial to run a nuclear network, explore and analyses the output and produce Fig.15 in Denissenkov etal. 2013 (arXiv:1303.6265).

Nubuntu is a stripped down Ubuntu distro that is setup to run NuGrid tools. Below are links to video-tutorials that will help you get started, but likely the Quickstart Guide below is all you need. Once you are in a booted Nubuntu system, there is a README available in the home directory.

All Nubuntu boxes have a pre-configured user: Username: nugrid, Password: nugrid

This is the Nubuntu flavour "ppn-nova". The main purpose is to allow users to post-process the Nova trajectories developed by the NuGrid-JINA-TRIUMF nova project (Denissenkov etal.), and to provide users of the NuGrid data on the NuGrid CADC server ( with a way to access and explore the data. Therefore this Nubuntu machine has pre-installed all you need to run the ppn-nova code and to mount the NuGrid CADC data to this machine, and then plot things and extract data using the NuGrid python tools.

Note that the virtual machines have a screen recording option. See README file in home directory of details.

Quick Start Guide

There are videos below, but in summary this is what must be done.

  1. Download and then install VirtualBox software, this is what you need to run the virtual machine.
  2. Download Nubuntu-access virtual machine. Download links: Nubuntu ppn-nova
  3. In VirtualBox go Machine -> Add, and navigate to your copied .vbox file; or click in the file manager on the downloaded .vbox file.
  4. When the machine has started, go to ~/README for further instruction.



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