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Shortest possible instructions

For people who can't even read READMEfirst

Here is the shortest possible instruction set to get hdf5 and then se
installed. A slightly more detailed discussion is available at

1. make and go to some scratch dir

$mkdir tmp
$cd tmp

2. get hdf5:

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf hdf5-1.8.3.tar.gz

3. make sure you have a target directory. I recommend using
/opt. create it if you don't have it. you may use

$sudo mkdir /opt

on al Linux box may have to do as superuser, or alternatively use
$HOME/opt to install everything into your home directory, works
equally well

then make a directory for your hdf where the libraries go:
$mkdir /opt/hdf5-1.8.3

3. compile
$ cd hdf5-1.8.3 (directory in which you unpacked the tar.gz)
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/hdf5-1.8.3
$ make
$ make check
$ sudo make install

4. then you go to se/trunk, and you make a target dir for se:
$ sudo mkdir /opt/se-1.2
$sudo mkdir /opt/se-1.2_gfortran

5. finally compile and install se:
The config statement for se must be told which fortran compiler to
use. If you have only one on your system config may find out, but you
may want to specify:

for ifort:
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/se-1.2 F77=ifort --with-hdf5=/opt/hdf5-1.8.3
or with gfortran:
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/se-1.2_gfortran F77=gfortran --with-hdf5=/opt/hdf5-1.8.3

then the usual:
$make check
$ sudo make install

(see sudo comment above)

That's it.

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