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The original goal of the USEEPP format was to provide an interface between stellar evolution and explosion (SEE) simulations and the nucleosynthesis codes (PPN) we use to post-process the SEE data. The underlying technology is based on the hdf5 libraries, which provides platform independent indexed data structures. The SE library is basically an interface between standard fortran code and the hdf5 libraries. It provides read and write subroutine calls designed to be usefull for the intended original goal.

The SE library was written by Gabriel Rockefeller and Steven Diehl at Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of the NuGrid collaboration. This software is made openly available under the conditions specified in the copyright notice.

This directory provides you with a tar ball of the se libraries that will allow you to install these libraries on your Linux-like computer (including Macs). Links to more usefull resrouces can be found at the bottom
  • Installing and using SE
  • Installing HDF5 (this needs to be done as a prerequisite for your SE installation and use)
  • a README file and a subroutine sewrite.f that further describe the implementation of se calls into your Fortran stellar evolution code
  • an example output file which shows how it should look like if everything works ok. You should be able to look at this and your own files with HDFViewer, for example
  • and there is the official USEEPP/SE documentation in pdf format as it stands right now

The se libraries have at this point reached a stable developement stage and are in active use by the NuGrid collaboration. Please experiment with the version provided here, but also feel free to check back if there are significant updates available. If you like what you are finding here let us know.

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