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Analysis of yield tables

Yield tables as provided on the CADC and can be read and analyzed via python scripts

Data extraction

Data and tools

To extract data from NuGrid yield tables use The script is available in the set1ext/Yield_tables yield directory of the CADC which can be found here.  More information on the yield tables is available here.


        Start ipython with

        ipython --pylab --profile=numpy

                Import the module. It must be available in your PYTHONPATH or locally.

                 In [0]: import read_yields as ry

                Choose your yield table:

                 In [1]: table=ry.read_nugrid_yields('isotope_yield_table_MESA_only_fryer12_delay.txt')

                What isotopes are available for the star of 15Msun at Z=0.02?

                 In [2]: table.get(M=15,Z=0.02,quantity='Isotopes')

                Get the corresponding yields:

                 In [3]: table.get(15,0.02,'Yields')

                Return specific isotope:

                 In [4]: table.get(15,0.02,'Yields','H-1')

Interactive example & advanced analysis

Try the interactive tutorial at WENDI data exploration

under Userguides/Yield_table_analysis.ipynb.

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