EDIT N1 N2 -- Edit the headers of slots.

        N1, N2 -- Slots to edit

 Primarily interactive. You can do things like read a file containing
 values of some header item you want to set, or delete a header item
 from the spectra, or input new values from the terminal. It is case
 independent and the full names of items need not be given, but it 
 this means care must be taken to ensure that header items are not
 overwritten because of a match to a different item. e.g. if you specify
 the header name HJ, this would match HJD.

 Command FILE allows you to read a fairly specific format and can be useful
 for setting up headers when you first read in spectra in a non-standard
 format. The format of the file as follows:

 1st line: a series of variable names. Enclose in quotes if the names
           contain blanks or commas.
 2nd line: series of data types for each variable C=Character,D=Double,

 Remaining lines, values of header parameter for each spectrum. If any
 are character strings with blanks or commas, enclose in quotes.


          UT            Date          "Hour Angle"
          D             C              D
          11.0234       11/04/93       0.567
          11.1256       11/04/93       0.669

 FILE will not accept any discrepant lines.

 The command ANY is less severe but can only tackle one column at a go
 and you have first to give the header item's name and type as well as
 the column that you want to read. This option will skip over unsuitable 
 data. It is useful for setting header values from some output file produced 
 by MOLLY such as a light curve file.

This command belongs to the class: headers

Tom Marsh, Warwick