Repositioning the images in sdf files from the ING software

The fits files produced by the control software at the ING (Isaac Newton Group) have their images written as an extension to the basic fits file. This type of file is called an MEF (Multiple Extensible Fits) file. This file structure is preserved when you use fits2ndf to convert the file to a Starlink sdf file. pamela expects the images to be in the usual position within an sdf file, so ING files have to be modified to move the image component from the extension to the top layer of the file.

The modification is achieved using the ultradas command (which is part of pamela). ultradas simply takes a list of sdf files to convert:

ultradas  [files]

where the [files] is a list of files (including .sdf extension) which can be given individually or using the usual UNIX wildcards.