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IAU Symposium 239

Convection in Astrophysics

21 - 25 August 2006
Prague, Czech Republic

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Proceedings and Author Instructions

For the Proceedings, use has to be made of style-files provided by the IAU Publisher: Cambridge University Press. The Proceedings will be made available electronically and in book form. Style File and Instructions for Authors can be found at: ftp://ftp.sron.nl/pub/karelh/UPLOADS/IAU-CUP.dir/GA-Symposium.dir/authors.dir. The instructions are in the README.txt file.

The contract with CUP stipulates that Proceedings will be published six months after the Symposium. CUP needs three months for the production process, leaving the three months right after the Symposium for the Editors to complete their task. This implies that Proceedings' Editors have to request from all Authors to bring their completed manuscripts to the Symposium. Editors can give Authors another four weeks after the Symposium, to make any desired revisions of their manuscripts. We will not be able to accept any manuscripts for publication after this date, which is 25 September 2006.

Contributions to the proceedings will include review talks, invited talks, oral contributions, round tables, and posters.

For the talks the amount of pages allocated scales essentially with the length of the time slot during the conference:

  • Review talks (RV) will have a limit of 12 pages.
  • Invited talks (IT) will have a limit of 8 pages.
  • Oral contributions (OC) will have a limit of 6 pages.
  • Poster papers (PT) will have a limit of 3 pages.
Your paper must be within these limits. We would like to point out that the IAU requires to include the discussion associated with each talk (i.e. during the 5 min discussion assigned to each talk)within the proceedings. We recommend to preliminarily save half a page (for oral contributions and invited talks) up to a page (for reviews) for that purpose, as the discussion is supposed to be part of the paper and thus contained in the page limits given above.

Please order your copy via the IAU General Assembly XXVI Proceedings web pages. Deadline for Proceedings orders at special discounted prices is August 25, 2006.

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