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IAU Symposium 239

Convection in Astrophysics

21 - 25 August 2006
Prague, Czech Republic

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Poster Presentations

Poster presentations for this Symposium have been grouped according the relevant conference sessions. The Abstract Codes are the original 4-digit abstract submission number and the IAU Abstract Booklet Number (prefixed by S239-).

 AuthorTitleAbstract Codes
Session A: Modelling Convection and Radiative Transfer
PT A1 O. Kochukhov et al. 3-D Hydrodynamic Simulation of Convection in A Stars 0245 41
PT A2 L. Sbordone et al. ATLAS 9 and 12 under GNU-Linux 1482 42
PT A3 F. Kupka & F.J. Robinson Coherent structures in granulation convection and their importance for higher order closure models 1773 43
PT A4 F. Kupka & I.W. Roxburgh Reynolds stress models of convection in stellar structure calculations for convective cores. 1774 44
PT A5 F. Kupka & H.J. Muthsam Probing Reynolds stress models of convection with numerical simulations: I. Overall properties: fluxes, mean profiles. 1836 45
PT A6 F. Kupka & H.J. Muthsam Probing Reynolds stress models of convection with numerical simulations: II. Non-locality and third order moments. 1837 46
PT A7 F. Kupka & H.J. Muthsam Probing Reynolds stress models of convection with numerical simulations: III. Compressibility, pressure fluctuations, and dissipation. 1838 47
PT A8 H.J. Muthsam et al. Modelling of Solar Granulation: Effects of Numerics, Resolution and Treatment of Opacity 1843 48
PT A9 F. Kupka Some open questions concerning the modelling of non-locality in Reynolds stress type models of stellar convection. 1849 49
PT A10 P. Ventura & V. Penza The impact of non grey atmospheric treatment and convective modelling on the solar structure.
Session B: Observational Probes of Convection
PT B1 B. Smalley Stellar Fluxes as Probes of Convection in Stellar Atmospheres 0423 50
PT B2 R.V. Yudin et al. Magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be stars 0568 51
PT B3 P. Gondoin On the relation between rotation, convection and magnetic activity in intermediate-mass giants 0984 52
PT B4 J. Southworth Testing Convection In Stellar Models Using Eclipsing Binaries 1180 53
PT B5 L. da Silva et al. The Li depletion in Southern Young Stellar Associations 1867 54
PT B6 M. Gebran & R. Monier Microturbulent Velocities and Abundances for A and F dwarfs in Open clusters 2008 55
PT B7 K. Janssen & G. Cauzzi Reversed Granulation In Mid-Photosphere Of The Sun 2048 56
PT B8 J. Montalban et al. The Effect of the microturbulence parameter on the Color-Magnitude Diagram 2131 57
PT B9 U. Heiter et al. Eclipsing binaries as a test for synthetic photometry 2242 58
PT B10 S.G. Els & K. Vogiatzis Revealing the onset of convection in terrestial planet atmospheres. 2276 59
Session C: Convection in planets and brown dwarfs
PT C1 M. Evonuk & G.A. Glatzmaier Vorticity generation and heat transport in 3D anelastic simulations of the internal dynamics of giant planets without cores 0459 60
PT C2 Ch. Helling The chemical composition of dust clouds in a turbulent brown dwarf atmosphere 1201 61
PT C3 M. Dehn et al. The influence of convective energy transport on dust formation in brown dwarf atmospheres 1275 62
PT C4 K.L. Chan A Finite-Difference Convective Model for Jupiter's Equatorial Jet 1505 63
Session D: Stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, and convective mixing
PT D1 C.A. Meakin & W.D. Arnett Simulations of Type II Supernova Progenitors: Oxygen and Silicon Shell Burning Hydrodynamics 0171 64
PT D2 R. Smiljanic et al. The Extra Mixing After the RGB-Bump from C12/C13 Ratios 0379 65
PT D3 G. Tautvaisiene et al. Abundances of C, N and O as Probes of Mixing in Low-Mass Helium-Core Burning Stars 0599 66
PT D4 N.A. Drake & C.B. Pereira CNO and Li Abundances in Barium-Enriched Stars 0661 67
PT D5 T. Tsuji Isotopic Abundances of Carbon and Oxygen in Oxygen-Rich Giants as Probes of Mixing in RGB and AGB Stars 1277 68
PT D6 N.R.L. Landin et al. Rotational Properties of the Orion Nebular Cluster Revised 1469 69
PT D7 M. Flaskamp & A. Weiss Inclusion of a time-dependent, non-local convection theory in a stellar evolution code 1637 70
PT D8 G.P. Bascoul Numerical Simulations of Semiconvection 1693 71
PT D9 J. Montalban & F. D'Antona Pre-MS sequence models with convection description given by 2D-RHD numerical simulations 2124 72
PT D10 N.J. Hammer et al. Convective Processes And Hydromagnetic Instabilities In Core Collapse Supernova Simulations 2189 73
PT D11 M. Liebendoerfer et al. Toward Three-Dimensional Simulations of Stellar Core Collapse with Magnetic Fields 2428 74
Session E: Oscillations, mass loss, and convection
PT E1 J.Y. Yang & Y. Li Testing turbulent hydrodynamic models in solar interior 0074 75
PT E2 K. Belkacem et al. A Closure Model for Turbulent Convection. Application to the Stochastic Excitation of Stellar p modes 0286 76
PT E3 L. Deng & D.R. Xiong Non-adiabatic oscillations of red giants 0294 77
PT E4 E. Pakstiene Monitoring of the Cool ZZ Ceti Star PG 2303+243. 0613 78
PT E5 J. Montalban & M.-A. Dupret Effect of convection modelling on non-adiabatic seismic observables of delta Scuti stars 2117 79
PT E6 C.W. Straka et al. Probing Turbulence with Seismic Observations of α Centauri 2251 80
Session F: Convection and rotation
PT F1 A.S. Petrosyan Mean-Field Hydrodynamics For Turbulent Flows Subjected Rotation 0230 81
PT F2 L.T.S. Mendes et al. Theoretical Estimates of the Convective Turnover Time for Low-Mass, Rotating Pre-Main Sequence Stars 0448 82
PT F3 O. Kuzmanovska The Redistribution Of The Regions In Radiative And Convective Equilibrium Of The Stars Of The Main Sequence With Rotation 0449 83
PT F4 G.J.J. Botha & E.A. Evangelidis Differential Rotation And Angular Momentum 1246 84
Session G: MHD convection and dynamos
PT G1 A.V. Getling & X.M. Bao Is Solar Convection Responsible for the Local Amplification and Structuring of Magnetic Fields? 0416 85
PT G2 A.V. Getling & A.A. Buchnev Quasi-Regular Structures in the Solar Photosphere (Trenching in the Brightness Relief): Algorithmic Treatment 0417 86
PT G3 V.N. Kryvodubskyj "Negative Magnetic Buoyancy" Effects and Reconstruction of Toroidal Field in the Solar Convection Zone 0515 87
PT G4 R. Samec et al. Magnetic Activity In The Atmospheres of F-Type Binaries 0837 88
PT G5 G.J.J. Botha et al. Numerical Simulations Of Sunspots 1247 89
PT G6 M.K. Browning et al. Simulations of solar magnetic dynamo action in the convection zone and tachocline 1607 90
PT G7 D. Skandera & W.-Ch. Müller Spectral Properties of Magnetohydrodynamic Convection With a Horizontal Temperature Gradient 1666 91
PT G8 P.J. Bushby Super-equipartition fields in simulations of photospheric magnetoconvection 1257

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