16 December 2015

Emmal Safi

Laboratory Studies of Clathrate Hydrates with Relevance to Icy Solar System Bodies

Water in its various forms (particularly clathrates) on planetary bodies plays a significant role in shaping their surface geology. The different solid phases of water also have significant implications for the compositions of planetary oceans and therefore hydrothermal activity. The Cassini detection of plumes ejected from the surface of Enceladus suggests the presence of clathrate hydrates on other icy objects i.e. Europa, Mars and comets. However, despite the abundance of salty water on many extra-terrestrial bodies e.g. comets and the surfaces and sub-surfaces of planetary satellites there is a significant lack of supporting experimental data in the current literature. In this talk I will describe laboratory work at Diamond that will enable us to shed more light on surface activity on icy bodies.