Reading the dynamical history of the Magellanic Clouds


Welcome to our website!

Here we present exciting new results and explanations about an ambitious astronomical research programme, based around a large programme for the new AAOmega instrument at the Anglo Australian Telescope. We aim to

"Measure the velocities, temperatures and elemental abundances of all stellar populations that make up the Magellanic Cloud System, to reconstruct the dynamical, star formation and chemical enrichment history of the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds."

The programme is a joint effort by a large international consortium of astronomers.

Find out about the stars we study and the galaxies they live in. Be amazed by the new discoveries as the Anglo Australian Telescope paves the way for the GAIA mission.

Professional astronomers may be particularly interested in the 100,000 spectra we plan to take, and the results of our analyses. Links are provided which direct them to the associated publications.


After the Large Magellanic Cloud, AAOmegallan has now also taken its first spectra in the Small Magellanic Cloud